Britt Årnes
Choreoprapher, dancer and actor

Britt is a graduate of Bårdar Academy, and has since 2015 worked as a dancer and an actor. In 2015, Britt performed a self-composed solo in the performance House by the Sea during the opening of Kulturbadet in Sandnessjøen. In the same period, Årnes was seen as a dancer in Stjernekamp on NRK and in the performance Swinging Christmas on Chat Noir in Oslo. In 2016-18, Britt worked as an actor and dancer in Kristiansand Zoo with the main role in Hakkebakkeskogen, and later as a pirate in the Captain Sabertooth Universe. Britt has for several years now worked as a dance teacher, and has taught various genres for both children, adolescents and adults. During the same period, she has choreographed for several dance studios, as well as Kristiansand Children and Youth Theatre. Britt wants to establish herself as a producer, choreographer and dancer in her own company, where she and her partner want to convey meaningful stories that are expressed through dance and theatre.

Britt is the initiator, producer and choreographer for the performance VORBEREITET.