Own production
Premiere: 26th of February, 2020
Playing dates: 27th, 28th and 29th of February
Collaboration: Teateret in Kristiansand
Duration: 55 minutes
Cast and creatives
Ben: André Lassemo
Gus: Jon Erik Myre


Scriptwright: Harold Pinter
Translator: Morten Wessel Krogstad
Publisher: Nordiska ApS –
Director: Kjetil Kro Sørborg
Composer: Jon Erik Myre
Producers: André Lassemo and Jon Erik Myre
Set designer: Roald Andersen
Sound designer: Kristian Bronebakk
Light designer: Markus Tarasenko Fadum
Stage manager: Fredrik Landmark
Techincian: Anniken Leirkjær
Light technician: Victor Phillipson
Carpenters: Kalle Hennie, Bjørn Håtveit and Kanon Produksjon


Poster designer: Truls Ødegård
Poster photographer: Martin Karelius
Graphic designer and photographer: Gunstein Myre
Archive photo: Kilden Teater
Teateret in Kristiansand, Kongens gate 2
Funded by
Kristiansand Kommune, Scenekunst Sør, Cultiva Ekspress, Huntonit, Kopianstalten, Jernia Torjesen, – handmade ceramics, Erøy Optikk, Meny Torvet
Special thanks
Harald Stensland, Helene Halvorsen, Øystein Flemmen, Arne Vilhelm Tellefsen, Stian Schille Olsen, Tiina Myllykangas, Julia Myllykangas, Åge Henriksen, Matthew Bromwich, Scott Harrison, Mikal Olsen, Mats Olsen, Hanne Marit Løvås Skogseid, Gina Merethe Skogseid, Vågsbygd VGS, the wonderful staff at Teateret, and the families Myre and Lassemo.

The Dumb Waiter

by Harold Pinter
translated by Morten Wessel Krogstad

In collaboration with Teateret, we at Kanon Produksjon have the pleasure of presenting our first production of 2020, Harold Pinter’s critically acclaimed play THE DUMB WAITER – a dark comedy in one act.

The hitmen Ben and Gus are awaiting further instructions in a basement of an abandoned restaurant. They are chatting about football, boiling tea, newspapers and a bag of chips. Everyday things. While having their guns at the ready. Pretty absurd. But who will their guns be pointed at? And why are they not getting instructions? The tension is rising. When strange messages starts to come from above, they can’t seem to control the fear of something being wrong. Who is upstairs? Where is their victim? And what in the world is Macaroni Pastitsio?

THE DUMB WAITER is a humorous, dark and absurd play. We meet two quite recognizable characters with different backgrounds and different attitudes toward the situation they find themselves in. Gus, the inexperienced, is open and seeking, while Ben, the more experienced, and also the boss of the duo, is enclosed. Ben is not open to Gus’s thoughts and questions, and carries most of the blame as to why the dialogue between them consists of talking at each other and not to each other.

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Cast and creative team

André Lassemo

Jon Erik Myre

Fredrik Landmark
Stage manager


“The conversation between the two is exemplary. I can hardly remember the last time I saw two actors who managed to perform all the lines so that you could hear them. Without mics and all kinds of electronics. (…) The actors are good, skilled, they do their Pinter the way Pinter should and can be done. (…) It was a fun, painful and sore hour, really just three quarters of an hour, in the theatre. Well worth a visit this week.”
 – Emil Otto Syvertsen –

“This is not the most action-packed show I’ve seen, but less boring theater should be looked for for a long time. It’s a very easy piece watch and is not stagnant. During the play, I heard the audience both laugh and jump in their seats. (…) In this somewhat unrealistic setting, both actors do a believable and good job. The characters are dynamic, which of course becomes very important in a piece with only two characters. There was something strangely comfortable about the show, it was comfortable to watch. This is probably a good sign of a good show.”
– Lina Maria Skullerud –