Own production
World premiere: 1st of December, 2020
Playing dates: Throughout December 2020 and 2021
Collaboration: Cultiva and Kvadraturforeningen
Duration: 50 minutes
Cast and creatives
Inger: Inger Johanne Mæsel
Young Inger: Lise Lilletun Christensen
Emmanuel: Henrik Nilsen Mørch
Peder: Vidar Hellang
Various characters: Jon Erik Myre
Various Characters: André Lassemo


Idea, consept and direction: Jon Erik Myre and André Lassemo
Written by: Kristian Landmark
Historical consultant: Inger Johanne Mæsel
Composer: Jon Erik Myre
Producers: André Lassemo and Jon Erik Myre
Sound design: Kristian Bronebakk
Studio: dUb studio
Studio technican: Endre Kirkesola


Piano and vocals: Jon Erik Myre
Trumpet: Daniel Sørensen
Guitar: Endre Kirkesola
Kristiansand String Quartet: Pål Svendsberget, Lars Lunde, Kjell Åge Stoveland and Ariel de Wolf
Choir: Kristin Olsen, Lillian Ringøen, André Lassemo and Jon Erik Myre


Poster design: Stig Morten Myre and Jon Erik Myre
Photo: Gunstein Myre
Arkive photo: Rolf Johann Raffel
Video: Gunstein Myre and Mathias Rusvik
Kristiansand city center
Funded by
Cultiva, Kvadraturforeningen and xpressprint
Special thanks
Knut Mæsel, Stein Roger Sordal, Elsebeth Lütcherath, the families Myre and Lassemo

Gjenklang – en førjulsvandring

Idea, consept and direction by Jon Erik Myre and André Lassemo
Written by Kristian Landmark

An older woman takes us back to the time she was a young girl in Kristiansand. She guides us through the streets of the city, and tells about a very special Christmas from when she was young. On the way, the audience is drawn into the woman’s flashbacks, when the stories and the situations she tells begin to unfold in the form of voices from the various people she reminisces and talks about.

GJENKLANG – EN FØRJULSVANDRING is an audio-guided Christmas story that takes the listener on a walk through Kristiansand, which ultimately ends up in the heart of the city centre. By taking advantage of the technological possibilities, and turning the limitations of the corona situation into something positive, our aim is to stimulate and perhaps challenge the individual imagination. Through focused attention to places we normally take for granted, a walk around the city will give listeners an opportunity to see what the city has to offer with new eyes, and at the same time get that magic feeling that comes with Christmas.

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Cast and creative team

Lise Lilletun Christensen
“Young Inger”

Henrik Nilsen Mørch

Vidar Hellang

Jon Erik Myre
Idea, consept, direction and various characters

André Lassemo
Idea, consept, direction and various characters

Kristian Landmark
Script writer


“It was a lot of fun hearing about the local history and what it would’ve been like to celebrate Christmas back then, all whilst walking around and seeing the places that was talked about. e places that were talked about. This was a really nice pre-Christmas activity that really got me in the Christmas spirit!”
– Margrethe Bryge

“I recommend everyone who’s in Kristiansand this Christmas to go on this walk! GJENKLANG – EN FØRJULSVANDRING is an audio-guided Christmas story that takes the listener and a walk around Kristiansand city centre and through its history. Can be experienced throughout the Christmas holidays. Finally I got in the Christmas spirit!”
– Stine Sandnes