Own produkction

Co-production: Kilden Kultur
Duration: 90 minutes

World premiere:
7th of june, 2024
Cast and creatives
David: Jon Erik Myre
Kåre: André Lassemo
Henriette: Miriam Myrthel Pedersen
Drama teacher: Fredrik Landmark


Playwright: Jon Erik Myre
Director: Martin Næss Hald
Composer: Jon Erik Myre
Producers: Jon Erik Myre and André Lassemo
Costume design: Kanon Produksjon
Props: Kanon Produksjon and Richard Olsen
Mix and mastering of music: Kristian Bronebakk


Project manager: Lillian Nepstad
Sound designer and -technician: Per Henning Finstad
Light designer and -technician: Kine E. H. Kvendseth
Stage manager: Anders Hardeland


Poster photo: Simon Scotting
Poster design: Truls Ødegaard and Jon Erik Myre
Playbill, show photos and video: Gunstein Myre
Theatre- and opera hall – Kilden teater- og konserthus // Sjølystveien 2, Kristiansand
Funding by
Kristiansand kommune, Bergesenstiftelsen, Agder fylkeskommune and Cultiva Ekspress
Special thanks
Victor Phillipson, Richard Olsen, Kjetil Kro Sørborg, Martin Karelius Østensen, Sverre Østensen, Kjell Hjelmerud and David Stamnes and Næss Hald, Myre and Lassemo families.



by Jon Erik Myre

In SPECTACLE, the fate of the local theatre is at stake. In hopes of saving her beloved workplace, producer Henriette, a busy and optimistic soul, has hired the renowned director David in hopes of drawing the audience back to the theatre, unaware of the content of the upcoming production. The belief that the theatre will flourish with the well-known artist at the helm is strong, but the challenges become evident when the director’s vision proves to be unclear, especially with the season launch only hours away. Kåre, one of the house technicians, becomes an unlikely hero and a necessary key figure in the director’s creative chaos. His insight into both the theatre and the “common people,” along with his practical skills, becomes crucial to realising the vision, even though he doesn’t fully understand what it entails. In the aftermath of the chaos, where artistic ambitions collide with reality, these three characters must find a way to balance their differences to collectively save the theatre’s future.

SPECTACLE is a newly written comedy by Jon Erik Myre, offering a satirical glance at the theatre and cultural industry, at the audience and most people, and at the society we live in. Are live cultural experiences truly necessary, and what benefit do artists actually provide? Through a humorous and thought-provoking lens, the performance delves into these questions and delivers an energetic and entertaining experience that also prompts reflection. The performance is produced by Kanon Produksjon, has a duration of 90 minutes, and will have its world premiere in the Theatre Hall at Kilden, in collaboration with Kilden Kultur.


Jon Erik Myre

André Lassemo

Miriam Myrthel Pedersen

Fredrik Landmark
“Drama teacher”

Per Henning Finstad
Sound technician
– Kilden

Kine E. H. Kvendseth
Light technician
– Kilden

Anders Hardeland
Stage manager
– Kilden

Kristian Bronebakk
Music mix and mastering