Own production
Premiere: 23rd of July, 2019
Playing dates: 24th, 25th and 28th of July
Collaboration: The Vest-Agder Museum
Duration: 65 minutes
Cast and creatives
Anna: Ingvild Lien
Otto: Jon Erik Myre
Max: André Lassemo
Jürgen: Åsmund-Brede Eike

Renate (voice):
Ina Maria Brekke
Man on moped: Åge Henriksen


Playwright: Kolbein Falkeid
Director: Åsmund-Brede Eike
Composer: Jon Erik Myre
Producers: Jon Erik Myre and André Lassemo
Costume designers: Helene Halvorsen and Synne Reichelt Føreland
Sound designer: Kristian Bronebakk
Light designer: Ove Tollefsrud
Technician: Thomas Kulien
Stage manager: Victor Phillipson


News anchor: Martin Karelius Østensen
TV reporter: Kai Kenneth Hanson
Dr. Klaus Lang: Henrik Rafaelsen


Film photographer: Michael Ringdal
Editor: Truls Ødegård
1st. assistant director: Ingrid Nøren Stenersen


Poster photographer: André Lassemo
Logo designer: Miriam Pedersen
Graphic designer and photographer: Gunstein Myre
Kristiansand Cannon Museum at Møvig
Funded by
Vest-Agder Museum, The Foundation Fritt Ord, Kristiansand Kommune, Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune, Scenekunst Sør, Fond for frilansere, Carlsen Fritzøe – Vågsbygd, Cultiva Ekspress and Erøy Optikk
Special thanks
Kristiansand Cannon Museum by Arild Andersen
Vest-Agder Museum by John Olsen and Gro Eikeland, Ida Valestrand Eike, Leonard Valestrand Eike, Richard Olsen, Halvor Laland, Bjørn Furuborg, Rimfrost Teater, Kristine Myhre Tunheim, Jonas Delerud, Gabrielle Bakke, Ingrid Nøren Stenersen, Mari Nøren Stenersen, Julia Küster, Øystein Flemmen, Stian Schille Olsen, Helene Larsen, Julia Myllykangas, Alice Sæbøe, Guro Karijord, Sandra Bergstrand, Henriette Vedel, Sindre Bjørke Høyang, Margrethe Bryge, Ida Beathe Olsen, Henriette Håbesland Strøm, Terje Olsen, Henriette Falkum, Anette Kaldheim, and the families Myre and Lassemo

The Terrorists

by Kolbein Falkeid

A group of terrorists occupy a kindergarten. In an apartment elsewhere in the city, the three leaders of the terror group sit and direct the action. When the action leads to a personal conflict for one of them, the dynamics among those involved change.

The play opens for discussion about what makes them terrorists, and what brings knowledgeable political activists to the conclusion that only through violence can good victories prevail.

THE TERRORISTS was chosen in the hopes of being able to contribute to debate, dialogue and thoughts about radicalization and extremism. Freedom of speech and the opportunity to be heard by our fellow human beings and those who govern the country is something we value highly. We are lucky to live in a country where this is possible without the risk of being persecuted by the authorities, or arrested for the opinions we express. Still, there are groups that feel overlooked and outside the rest of society. An inclusive local environment where the individual feels seen, heard and met in everyday life, is not only necessary for a well-functioning society, but also preventive when it comes to radicalization and extremism. If this is to be possible, active efforts must be made for young people to develop a self-image and an identity linked to the community, and not to a marginalized extremist environment. In order for those who have extreme, and potentially violent intentions, not to turn words into action, it is important that we take them seriously, listen and meet them on equal grounds.

This performance depicts a group of young people who feel outside the rest of society. They’ve experienced being oppressed for a long time, and have now reached a point where they feel words are no longer enough. The production addresses important topics and issues that are as relevant today as in the time the story takes place.

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Ingvild Lien

Jon Erik Myre

André Lassemo

Åsmund-Brede Eike
Director and “Jürgen”


A fantastic performance by Kanon Produksjon at the canon museum! A performance filled with many emotions and incredible acting! Left with goosebumps all over my body when the play was over, so this is highly recommended to be seen.
– Karoline Rostell

“Kanon Produksjon delivers from the first to the last moment in a strong presentation about the complexity of society and of the human mind, that really should be experienced! Already looking forward to the next performance!”
– Silje Aas Meyer

“Took a trip to the canon museum in Kristiansand, and we did not regret it!! Insanely good, strong, and really skilled people. Not bad with a nice view outside so we got to digest it all a bit before we drove home. We look forward to next time!”
– Eileen Eklund

“HAT OFF TO YOU! Hooray for your performances, choice of stage room, text delivery, and initiative!”
– Preben Moseid

“Very good! A serious topic that we the audience got to take part in. Very well delivered by the actors! To be recommended!”
– Marit Olsen

“Thank you to all who gave us this performance. Absolutely fabulous all together! “
– Maja Mendoza