“Fjord horse” at Fjordfest in Sandefjord!

We move a few nautical miles back to get to the next port on our route. Sandefjord offers a lovely location between the ferry port and the whaling boat “Southern Actor”, which today is part of The Whaling Museum under the Vestfold Museums. It was built in England in 1950, participated in whaling in the Arctic Ocean until 1962, and is the only remaining operational whaling boat from the industrial whaling industry.

Sandefjord teems with life while we are there, thanks in large part to the music festival Fjordfesten.
The show are played on Saturday and Sunday, and here, too, the show is filled to maximum capacity.

Take a look at our Ship’s Log below for some glimpses of our days in Sandefjord:

Now, the journey continues to the last port of the tour, Mandal and The Shellfish Festival.

The tour route continued:

Mandal: 9.-12. August