Ahoy! Set course for Moss!

The journey to Moss was the best of the tour so far! We boarded Hestmanden in Horten, and got to join the crossing to Moss. To get to Alphabryggen, the ship had to go around Jeløy, and we had glorious weather and calm seas on the way. Once in Moss, we checked in at Hotell Refsnes Gods, a fantastic estate built in 1767. The hotel has over 400 original works of art by more than 90 artists. Several of Edvard Munch’s pictures hang in the restaurant, and in the reception you will find Inger Sitter, Victor Sparre and Andy Warhol.

Also in Moss, we got to meet the audience for three days, and at the last performance had a great visit from actor Helge Jordal and writer Tania Michelet.

Take a look at our Ship’s Log below for some glimpses of our days in Moss:

Now, the journey continues to Oslo.

The tour route continued:

Oslo: 19.-23. and 27.-30. July

Risør: 2.-3. August

Sandefjord: 5.-6. August

Mandal: 9.-12. August