Be prepared

The rehearsals are currently underway for the show VORBEREITET, which will be performed at Kilden Theatre and Concert house during the brand new dance festival SØaR. The festival will take place in Multisalen 13.-14. August, with three different world premieres per night. VORBEREITET will have its premiere as the last performance out, on Friday 13th of August.

VORBEREITET covers the days before April 9th, 1940, and was, according to the festival’s premiss, applied for as a sketch and idea by choreographer Britt Årnes and director and playwright Richard Olsen. Together, they have developed a framework and a common thread, based on historical facts and events that took place in the days before the war broke out. Kanon Produksjon assists as co-producer for the performance.

Britt also participates on stage, and brings with her Mikkel Are Olsenlund, Jan Nicolai Wesnes and Malene Aarseth.

Take a trip to Kilden and SØaR in August, for a completely unique performance where dance and physical theatre meet in a beautiful, sad and fun coalition.