O’Horten, O’Horten!

Horten has a LOT to offer. That became clear quite quickly. Already on our way into the city, we stopped by the Midgard Viking Center. Here we saw both the great exhibitions, the Borrehaugene and their reconstructed Gildehall. That same evening we made the trip down to the harbor to welcome Hestmanden on arrival. Here we happened to meet the crew on board The Royal shallop “Stjernen”, who were getting ready to go out to welcome Hestmanden. We were lucky enough to be on board, and to experience the welcome salute up close. Over the next three days we had many great meetings with the audience in Horten, and really appreciate all the stories about relatives at sea, and all the feedback that was shared! Before we left, we also managed a trip to Karljohansvern, where we got to go on board a submarine.

Take a look at our Ship’s Log below for some glimpses of our days in Horten:

We’d also like to thank Horten Apartment for sponsoring us with rooms! Now, the journey continues to Moss.

The tour route continued:

Moss: 14.-16. July

Oslo: 19.-23. and 27.-30. July

Risør: 2.-3. August

Sandefjord: 5.-6. August

Mandal: 9.-12. August