THE TERRORISTS – Curtain call

In a short time, the summer of 2019 will be history, and we at Kanon Produksjon are left with many different impressions from what we have been through. It’s been a summer out of the ordinary, but what a summer it’s been! Ever since we established this theatre company at the beginning of January, our time has been filled with lots of inspiration, work, joy, and not to mention, new and exciting challenges. When we started this goliath of a production, we were sure of one thing – this was something we were going to achieve!

Thanks to a lot of hard work, willingness to push through, and an extremely nice group of people on the team, the production at Møvik became a reality with that premiered on the 23rd of August 2019. Three performances of THE TERRORISTS were played the following days, and over 300 people took the trip to the old cannon sight during these days. We are happy and humbled by the trust that was shown from the audience, and promise that it will be more fun at Møvik and other places in Kristiansand in the future! For now, we’ll take a little vacation before we’re back with new projects and exciting challenges! We’re already looking forward to the continuation.