Bjørneboet – a residence stay

We at Kanon Produksjon are delighted to have been awarded a grant and a residence stay at Kristiansand Art Museum, called Bjørneboet, which will take place in Kristiansand in week 50. Here, research and writing will be done on Kanon Produksjon’s first original theatre script, with the title DET HELDIGE SKIPET, which translates to THE LUCKY SHIP. The story takes place on board D/S Hestmanden during World War II and follows the fictional characters Ingvald and Oskar. The focus will be on the interpersonal and psychological struggles war sailors went through, but follow the historical and the journey Hestmanden took during the period in which the story takes place.

Cultiva Ekspress has chosen to celebrate Jens Bjørneboe with the residence Bjørneboet. No specific requirements are given – except to use the opportunity to vigilantly and courageously work out your own ideas and works. A 100-year celebration Bjørneboe himself might be able to accept: a creative and living monument.

The pilot project is also supported by:
Agder Fylkeskommune, Fritt Ord and Scenekunst Sør.