KISSED on tour

The year 2021 was filled with both ups and downs for the production-team behind KISSED. Producing a close and intimate theatrical performance in the midst of a pandemic, was, to put it mildly, challenging for a young theatre company with limited funds, but despite adversity and challenging times, we finally managed to carry out everything we had set out for ourselves. When the year was over, we could look back on a streamed version of the performance, world premiere and performances in Oslo, as well as performances in Kristiansand. In addition to this, we got to present the play for programmers for The Cultural Schoolbag (TCS) during the Assitej Festival in Kristiansand. The play was well received by both the audience and colleagues alike, and we can now announce that KISSED is going on tour!

After a good and constructive dialogue with Scenekunstbruket (The Norwegian Network for Performing Arts) after the showing in Oslo, the play was included in their repertoire in January 2022. Plays that are in their repertoire are more easily available (and cheaper) for counties and municipalities to offer for the schools they cover, so we hope this will allow KISSED to have a long life, and with this reach a large audience in its most legitimate target group. We have already been invited to play within the TCS, and for the school year 2022/2023, the two actors and technician will visit Kristiansand Municipality, Troms and Finnmark county, as well as 2 days on Svalbard
Scenekunstbruket – The Norwegian Network for Performing Arts, is the largest nationwide provider of performing arts for a young audience in Norway. We ensure that children and young people from age 0–20 years, regardless of background and domicile, will experience professional performing arts.
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The Cultural Schoolbag (TCS) is a national programme designed to ensure that all school pupils in Norway experience professional art and culture of all kinds. The Cultural Schoolbag is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Research and is unique in a global context.
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