Shriek of a Bird…

Own production
Premiere: 20th of August, 2021
Playing dates: 21th and 22th of August, 2021
Duration: 50 minutes
Cast and creatives
He: Jon Erik Myre
She: Ina Maria Brekke


Scriptwright: Jon Erik Myre and Ina Maria Brekke
Directing consultant: Kjetil Kro Sørborg
Playwright consultant: Kristian Landmark
Composer: Jon Erik Myre
Producer: Jon Erik Myre
Sound and light design: Victor Phillipson


Graphics and photos: Gunstein Myre
Funded by
Kristiansand Kommune, Bergesenstiftelsen, Cultiva Ekspress, Bankkjelleren, Clarion Ernst Hotel, XR Visuell Kommunikasjon, Meny Torvet and Sval
Special thanks
Martin Graham, Kristian Landmark, Marius Christiansen, Joakim Foldøy, Robin Alexander Eriksen, Odd Magne Myre, Fredrik Landmark, Sindre Hallandvik Langenes and the families Myre and Brekke.

Shriek of a Bird…

– an account of the silent cries, and life in general

by Jon Erik Myre and Ina Maria Brekke

He and She meet. This is not the first time. But who are they to each other? And who are they to themselves? They are both people with baggage, gathered through life, but cope with their challenges and surroundings in very different ways. He is a realist, in his own eyes, and no longer sees the point of anything. He wished everything was different. That everything was better. And there’s a lot he doesn’t quite understand. She carries the grief inside. She dresses layer upon layer with assumed optimism, and forgets to take care of herself. To dissolve, and to fix, so she can actually feel good. The two share their views, observations and thoughts, and perhaps they’ll also find their way to the same goal, using each other.

Based on texts written by Kristiansand’s own Vilhelm Krag, a new theatrical production has been created along with new songs. His words and thoughts are assembled in an entirely new way, and the dialogue swiftly moves between references to both poems and excerpts from short stories. His often simple yet razor-sharp and timeless texts converse harmoniously, laying the foundation for contemplation through beautiful and poetic imagery. The performance explores various themes that we can all relate to, prompting reflection on our own lives and situations.

Author Vilhelm Krag was also involved in the theater, writing several plays, serving as a stage director, and, for a period, the director of the National Theatre. This format was close to his heart, and the texts find a fitting presentation in this manner. With his strong connection to his childhood home in Southern Norway, the region he himself named, it’s evident that this new production belongs here as well. This year also marks the 100th anniversary of Vilhelm Krag, along with composer Johan Halvorsen, writing the first Southern Country songs. This performance features brand-new songs composed by Jon Erik, with lyrics based on timeless poems by Vilhelm Krag.

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Cast and creative team

Jon Erik Myre

Ina Maria Brekke

Kjetil Kro Sørborg
Directing consultant

Kristian Landmark
Script consultant

Victor Phillipson
Sound and light design